Loving Hearts

History of
 Loving Hearts

Dr.  Dalton

This business started as a natural extension from my chiropractic practice.

I’ve observed in my practice and community that there is a need for some people to receive just a small amount of help in some of life’s basic necessities in order to stay where they currently live.

            As the cost of caring for the elderly or those challenged by other means continues to rise, the services provided by Loving Hearts is a great way to enable a person to stay in their place of residence.  This is a big deal to all involved.

            Loving Hearts enables a family to keep their loved one in the place they feel most comfortable for a longer period of time.  In many cases, it’s the simple daily activities (that are taken for granted) that become difficult to do.  It’s not that the person needs medical care; rather, their limited mobility stops them from accomplishing some of these simple tasks.       

Doing just a few of these “chores” can make a big difference and hopefully keep a person in their home for a longer time.  Not only does this give comfort to the person who just wants to remain in their home, but family members who love them and want to make sure things are taken care of in a safe, trusting fashion.

Loving Hearts is intended to address non-medical activities that a person might have difficulties performing, but otherwise is fully capable of living in their home.

 It is our intent that Loving Hearts will provide adjunctive help in the wider scope of care.We would be working with the person’s family and those who have oversight in their needs and legal matters.

We recognize that becoming involved with a person in this way is very personal; requiring responsibility and trust from all involved.

We would be honored to assist those who fit our scope of service.

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